1F8x1E-PC (Flow Array)

$ 479.70

PC Version Array: Clear polycarbonate substrate, standard thickness 0.51mm or high numerical aperture (HNA) series of 0.13mm

This is a specialized Flow array having 8 active 250 μm diameter electrodes (each measuring from 50-100 cells) located in the central region at the base of a flow channel measuring 50mm in length 5mm in width and available in 0.36mm in height with a total channel volume of 90 μL.

Our flow arrays are designed for ECIS measurements of cells under perfused conditions or to mimic the shear stress endothelial cells experience in vivo or under flow mimicking the shear stress endothelial cells experience in vivo.

Applications include:

Barrier function

Signal transduction assays

Cell Invasion

In situ Cell Electroporation and Monitoring

Cell migration / Wound Healing

Cell proliferation

Cell Differentiation