1F2Y8x10E-PC (Flow Array)

$ 569.70

PC Version Array: Clear polycarbonate substrate, standard thickness 0.51mm or high numerical aperture (HNA) series of 0.13mm

This flow array is intended for bifurcation studies and blood vessel simulation. It splits into 30 degree Y channels in one direction and 45 degree Y channel in the other direction.

This array is double ended with 8 measurement channels available at each end. Eight measurement points, each with 4 circular active electrodes (with an area of 0.49mm2 measuring from 500-1000 cells, the area is the same as a 10E electrode), are located along the channel and through the Y portion of the channel. One end of the array is used to monitor the 30 degree Y channel and the other end is used to monitor the 45 degree Y channel. The electrodes are located close in the corners of the flow direction transition points. Each channel has a 165μL volume with 60μL reservoirs. The flow is always laminar, i.e., turbulent flows are not possible. For simulation of turbulence flow we recommend oscillating the flow. Defined shear stress and shear rate levels.

Recommended for the following applications under shear stress conditions:

Simulation of the bifurcation of blood vessels for arteriosclerosis research

Rolling and adhesion of leukocytes on endothelial cells cultured under flow

Cell-cell interaction studies and cell-drug interaction screenings under flow conditions