8Wµ1E+ PC (Specialty PC)

$ 299.70

PC Version Array: Clear polycarbonate substrate, standard thickness 0.51mm or high numerical aperture (HNA) series of 0.13mm

**Specialty arrays may require 2-4 weeks lead time

Each of the 8 wells contains four 250µm circular electrodes which will measure from 200-400 cells. The placement of the electrodes at the center of the well allows for the use of cloning cylinders to be placed around the electrodes creating microwells. The area outside of the cloning cylinder can then be flooded to reduce evaporation from within the micro-wells.

Applications include:

Barrier function

Signal transduction assays

Cell Invasion

In situ Cell Electroporation and Monitoring

Cell migration / Wound Healing

Correlated microscopy and ECIS experiments