8W2x1E PET (Specialty PET)

$ 293.70

PET Version Array: Polyethylene terephthalate, standard thickness 0.25mm

**Specialty arrays may require 2-4 weeks lead time

This array is also called the Medusa array. Each well in this array has two independent single 250 µm diameter active electrodes. The Medusa array is useful for duplicating readings in the same well or to wound/electroporate one electrode while leaving the other as a control within the same well.

When connected to the array holder only the upper four wells are measured. To use the other four wells, the array is turned around and the contact pads at the other end are connected.

Applications include:

Barrier function

Signal transduction assays

Cell Invasion

In situ Cell Electroporation and Monitoring

Cell migration / Wound Healing

Correlated microscopy and ECIS experiments