96W1E+ PET (96 Well Array)

$ 654.00

PET Version Array: Polyethylene terephthalate, standard thickness 0.25mm

Each of the 96 wells in a standard plate configuration contains two circular 350 μm diameter active electrodes on a transparent PET substrate (measuring from 100-200 cells). As with other 1E arrays, a major use of this array is for the ECIS wound-healing assays where the  small electrodes assures the high current pulse will result in complete cell killing.

Only a small population of cells is monitored on the small electrodes resulting in a fluctuating impedance signal due to the random like movement of the cells (micromotion).

Applications include:

Cell Migration

Measurement of micromotion

Cell-ECM protein interactions

Signal transduction assays

Detection of invasion of endothelial cell layers by metastatic cells

Barrier function

In situ Cell Electroporation and Monitoring