8W10E+ (8 Well PET)

$ 263.70

PET Version Array: Polyethylene terephthalate, standard thickness 0.25mm

Each of the 8 wells has two sets of 20 circular 250 μm diameter active electrodes located on inter-digitated fingers to provide measurements of cells upon a total of 40 electrodes. Each well has a substrate area of 0.8 cm2 and a maximum volume of 600 μL. On average, with a confluent layer, approximately 2000 to 4000 cells will be measured by the electrodes.

The 10E+ arrays are designed to monitor larger numbers of cells, sampling over the entire bottom of the well. Because of the relatively high number of cells, impedance fluctuations due to micromotion are smoothed out and do not obscure subtle changes in impedance due to the experimental conditions.

Applications include:

Cell Attachment and Spreading

Cell proliferation

Cell Differentiation

Cell-ECM Protein Interactions

Barrier function

Signal transduction assays

Cell Invasion